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The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is keen to help Schools & Colleges develop GAA programs across the US,working with local clubs & regional GAA organizations.

Seattle Gaels have provided a great resource pack for Schools & Colleges seeking to start GAA: –

Resource pack

The 2015 National Conference for High School Physical Education Teachers (5,500 Delegates) in Seattle recevied a presentation about GAA & the benefits of adding Gaelic Games to the School Sports Program, this event is expected to drive the growth of GAA nationally!

Here in New Jersey there is a great opportunity to start up Schools/College Programs, please complete the form below so that we can point you in the right direction & work together in establishing Irish sports in the area: –

Schools & Colleges Contact Form

This form is designed to capture contact information for NJ Shore Schools & Colleges so that a locally coordinated programs can be established for GAA in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.GAA is Ireland’s National Sports, now played worldwide, the primary games of GAA are Gaelic Football, Hurling & Camogie.

The GAA branches in USA are New York GAA & North American GAA at Club Level. At College level the organizing bodies are, National Collegiate GAA & locally North Eastern Collegiate GAA.

  • Only provide email address of person authorized by School/College to discuss Sports programs / clubs
  • Only provide phone number of person authorized by School/College to discuss Sports programs / clubs
  • Hurling is for boys & Girls under 13 & Men, Camogie is for girls of 13 years upwards (Adult). Girls & boys teams split after 12 year of age
  • Email for further info