About us

Who We Are

The Jersey Shore GAA project was launched  during 2013/14.

The intention is to establish a new GAA Club for the Jersey Shore. There was a public meeting in March to launch GAA for the area, follow up activities are now under way to set up a club and get practice & games started.

The intention is to provide kids (K upwards) with a new sporting outlet, where they can learn new skills & make new friends while participating a long established sporting organization (GAA).

The GAA is a not for profit sports & cultural organization that originates in Ireland, dating back to 1884 and has been growing ever since in Ireland and in the Irish communities around the world. At the core of GAA is the voluntary ethos which means that player & coaches do it for the love of the sport & communities they represent, i.e for no payment.

This is Hurling

This is Gaelic Football

The main sports played are Gaelic Football (Think: Soccer, with a little Basketball & Football thrown in) & Hurling (Think: Lacrosse & Field Hockey).

If you wish to get involved or find out more, please email at  jerseyshoregaa@gmail.com